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Go beyond simple tests with a truly actionable data observability solution that lets you respond to silent data issues before your business stakeholders notice them

Powerful observability for Snowflake in minutes. No rigid subscription plans.

Column-level lineage

End-to-end workflow support

Actionable impact and root cause analysis

14 Day Free Trial

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Don't rely on simple tests

Start being proactive about ensuring data trust with data observability for Snowflake

Out of the box anomaly detection
Set up anomaly detection tests like row count, schema change, and freshness with a single click

Act based on historical data
Use historical alert data to successfully address the root cause of data issues

True end-to-end workflow support
Cito does not only help you to detect data anomalies, but also to understand the relevant context and respond

Get started in minutes


Effortless set up of out of the box anomaly detection tests as well as custom SQL tests

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Never be the last to know about data issues again


Reliably observe your data and know about anomalies before they are discovered in the BI layer

Evaluate anomalies leveraging column lineage


Easily understand the root cause and impact of anomalies

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No more coordination headaches in Slack  


Streamline communications with ownership definitions and ensure your team and business stakeholders are on the same page

Connect Cito with Snowflake now

Make it effortless for you and your team to learn about and respond to data issues


Partner of Snowflake

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