A lightweight and truly actionable data observability solution that lets you respond to silent data issues before anybody else notices them

Set up observability for Snowflake in 30 minutes. Without manual configuration.

No more reliance on simple tests

Start being proactive about ensuring data trust by introducing column-lineage powered observability

Set up Cito with ease

Connect to your existing data resources using pre-built integrations

  • Snowflake & dbt native hands-off observability

  • Benefit from actionable observability instantly, no manual configuration needed

  • Coming soon: Looker integration for more fine-grained downstream dependencies​​


Trace anomalies leveraging column-level lineage

Easily understand the root cause and impact of incidents


  • Explore the health of your data assets like never before

  • Access the relevant SQL logic

  • View specific historical alert data and discover patterns


Hands-off anomaly detection
Lean back and receive real-time Slack alerts with actionable root cause and impact insights

Act based on historical data
Use historical alert data to successfully address the root cause of data issues

Avoid alert fatigue
Cito adapts to the patterns in your data and adjusts alert thresholds dynamically


Be the first to know about silent data issues

Discover data quality problems before your data consumers do

  • Real-time alerts on relevant anomalies in Slack

  • Accelerate your incident response by instantly understanding the big picture with column-level lineage

  • Share and discuss anomalies in the corresponding lineage context


Connect Snowflake & dbt Core or Cloud with Cito now

Make it effortless for you and your team to learn about and respond to data issues


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