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About Cito

We have all been there, either as part of a data team or as a data consumer – incidents make us question data quality at large and create uncertainty as to what other unexpected issues we may uncover in the future.


Cito's mission is to help you build and maintain trust in data. Concepts long enjoyed by software engineers are only now being introduced as solutions for data teams, and we want to help raise the bar. We believe data observability is an essential part of ensuring trust in data, and with our solution we make it effortless for data teams to learn about and respond to data issues.


If you are curious to learn more about how we can help you build data trust in your organization, please email us at Please also reach out should you be interested in joining our team, we would love to hear from you!

Enabling you to go beyond tests

Data pipeline tests can be powerful to prevent data quality issues from making their way to your BI layer. But ensuring comprehensive data quality with tests alone is very time consuming and difficult to do. Writing tests not only takes time, but it is also impossible to anticipate everything you should be testing for. As your data changes over time, tests need to be adjusted continuously to prevent unnecessary pipeline stoppages or important data quality issues being missed. In order to observe your data holistically, a more dynamic and comprehensive solution is needed.

Cito allows you to go beyond simple tests with ease and ensures that you will be the first to know about silent data issues. Our anomaly detection model will learn about the data pattern specific to your business and become more accurate over time.


Why Cito?

Cito is Latin and means swiftly. For us, observability should not only be about accurately detecting and communicating data anomalies, but also enabling data teams to respond to incidents as quickly as possible. Leveraging column-level lineage and other actionability-enhancing features, Cito aims to provide the most actionable data observability solution yet - allowing you to focus on your actual work instead of firefighting.


Partner of Snowflake

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